Usage of electronic devices during the interchange

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CISV saying

Mobile phones, smart phones and other electronic communication devices are not necessary for the realization of the interchange.

During the travelling phase to the partner country all these devices stay behind at the own family home without exception. For music and photos please use separate devices (iPod and camera)

To act fairly and support the goals of the program during the hosting phase in the own country mobile phones / smart phones may only be used if delegates meet in small groups or without leader for coordination or to contact parents, leader or other delegates. The delegate has to be aware not to use the phone for other purposes or at other times. If this isn’t successful parents are asked to safekeep the device.

During the travelling phase the parents will get all necessary information regarding the group or delegates from the leader. In case of emergencies or other necessary situations parents should generally get in contact with the LIC. The LIC and the leader are communicating on a regular basis. Direct contact by phone with the host family is not allowed. The leader will contact the parent group after arrival and placement of the delegates in the host families.

If the delegates do not comply with the rules, the leader, parent or LIC are authorized to confiscate the phone until the end of the program.

Download: Letter for delegates and legal guardian to sign