Challenges related to Interchange

Here is how the Interchange coordinators in Graz agreed to address other challenges related to Interchange.

Need to Strengthen Educational Content:
LICs will sharing best practices, reviewing minicamp plans

Need to Understand Cost /Benefit Issues that the International Office Experiences with Interchange:
LICs are requesting details about the problem.

They also are requesting more user-friendly IT platforms & files

Need to Remove Recruiting Barriers:
LICs are adjusting individual Interchange calendars, within existing rules, so family time happens on weekends, group time happens on weekdays, and minicamp is emphasized.

Need to Set Realistic Expectations to Matches:
LICs will tell delegates that they will not their new best friends in Interchange, but rather a friend with a lot in common – and a lot that’s not in common. That’s the point.
LICs will remind everyone that Interchange will not be a perfect month, but it will be a lot of fun, and worthwhile! Again, resolving differences is part of the program.

Need to establish on-going professional development for LICs & IC leaders:
LICs are creating GLINT Box of Interchange resources, What‘s App groups for LICs and IC leaders, and quarterly global LIC videoconferences/calls