Programme Review and Interchange – Competitors

Answering another criticism in the Programme Review process that Interchange has many competitors, the Interchange coordinators in Graz noted that the reciprocal nature of Interchange is unique — and crucially important.

Exchange programs offered by CISV competitors are one-country experiences, mostly based on language learning or humanitarian service:

  • MetoWe:  Social enterprise – lifestyle products, leadership training & travel to fund partner WE charity
  • Projects Abroad: Volunteer social or environmental missions in developing countries / humanitarian
  • EF: Language school, very costly
  • AFS: Cultural immersion & language practice
  • YFU: Language study
  • Rotary: Full school year, requires participants to know language of host country

This is very different from an Interchange, where delegates share their culture with visitors, and experience the visitors’ culture in equal turn. CISV could differentiate Interchange by promoting its reciprocal nature.