Programme Review and Interchange

The Interchange coordinators at the Graz meeting agreed with many of the concerns raised by the Governing Board. Indeed, a central purpose of the long-planned Graz meeting was to collaborate globally among Interchange coordinators to address weaknesses and build on strengths of the Interchange program. 

Yet, with much respect for the Governing Board and appreciation for the volunteer service of its members, participants in the Graz gathering suggested that the Programme Review process did not ask all the right questions about Interchange. The volunteers who know Interchange best suggest that the important question about Interchange is: 

Which program does most to strengthen and grow your chapter? 

Instead, the key Interchange-related question posed by the Programme Review was:

Which program do applicants in the 12-15 age range prefer?

The answer is that most applicants are familiar with and prefer camps, not in-home exchanges.

In other words, the Programme Review process put the emphasis on the delegate, as opposed to the whole family (including parent volunteers) and the chapter!