Why are families so important for chapters?

When CISV chapters make the extra effort to recruit families to Interchange, the rewards to the chapter often are great

  • The easiest program to host – Interchange does not require the chapter to hire and train camp staff
  • Perfect for new & revitalizing chapters – Interchange builds friendships among participating families, and builds chapter bank accounts
  • Easiest to add mid-recruiting season – Interchanges can be added any time before March 1, outside the CISV “pool“ system
  • Flexible size accommodates unexpected recruits – Interchanges have 6-12 delegates on each side
  • Inspirational for parent volunteers
  • Helpful in building CISV visibility by integrating visitors in the community

Importantly, it is impossible for CISV to decide to add a camp for the next summer in January or February, after seeing how the recruiting season is going for its chapters. It is common to add Interchanges in January or February. This is how chapters accommodate overflow applicants in the Interchange age range. Telling these families to wait a year is not ideal. They may walk away and never experience CISV.