Dear Friends of Interchange in the CISV world, Hello!

We are sure that all of you have heard about the Programme Review conducted by PwC and the deriving recommendations of the Governing Board. Controverse and fruitfull discussions have started among all NAs.

One of the recommendations is to „Phase out Interchange“.

The main reasons given are

  • that CISV will specialize on camp based programs
  • that the Interchange programme is not profitable for CISV International
  • that Risk Managent issues are beyond control and hard to address

In April 2019 we had a Global Interchange Meeting (GLINT) in Graz/Austria with almost 30 participants from 11 NAs in EMEA and the Americas. All participants are fond of the Interchange programme and convinced that this programme is the „Motor of Growth“ for CISV. All of the participants feel, that it is necessary to have an open discussion about the benefits of the Interchange programme in order to be able to decide if CISV can really afford to phase out the programme that generates most volunteers and conributes to the growth of new chapters and NAs.

One of CISV’s educational content areas is „Diversity“. We believe that this should also be reflected in our programmes! The Interchange programme should be one of the milstones in the pathway of a CISVer, as the impact of this programme on the participants’ lives is remarkable and contributes to form „Global Citizens“ in a unique way, that is not  offered by any other organization.

We have established a facebook group open to anyone who is interested in the Interchange porgramme and its future. We would like to have an open and critical discussion about your personal ideas and experiences with the Interchange programme, in order to understand if it is the right step to phase this programme out. We invite you as interchange experts to join our group and to enhance our discussions!
Our group is called „Friends of CISV Interchange“, the link is:

If you are interested in participating please subscribe and share this informtion with all your LICs – we are looking forward to see the Interchange Community grow and getting to know you all very soon via Facebook!

If you are intersted to read more about GLINT you can find the report here  – we are happy to answer any questions that may arise.

There will also be an international conference call on Sunday, June 23rd read more ….

Thanks for your consideration and warm regards,

Emilia Askari/NIC USA

Mauricio Miranda Malpica/NIC Mexiko

Maria Morales Salto-Weis/NIC Spain

Christine Stremsdoerfer/NIC France

Birgit Pagonis/NIC Austria

Michaela Zöttl/NIC Germany